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I got called a 'panel builder' today!

I much prefer the nicknames they have for me behind my back, even the ones I don't know about.

We are Manufacturers, lean Manufactures at that.

In the picture to the left, 4 Operatives (One is Hiding) delivering the complete Sheet Metal & Copper Fabrication of the whole of GR Electrical Services. They complete the 10's of Millions of turn over a year. 4 Operatives.

Stay Lean, Building Lean.

In the picture to the right, 2 Operatives (Only Semi Camera Shy) delivering the next stage of modular innovation, ready to tackle 10's of Millions for the next stage of flow production. They might need a third...

Stay Lean, Staying Bespoke, Staying Ahead. GR Electrical Services. Investing in us, Delivering to You.


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