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Case Studies - White City, London


Client: T Clarke & Westfield 
Value: £6 Million + 

Description: Europe's Biggest Retail Outlet 130,803 sq m of Retail, Leisure &

Accommodation on a 45 Acre site. 

Manufacture and Install:
HV & LV Switchgear, Transformers & Sub Distribution.

Technical Specifications

  • 7 x Roof GRP Containerised Double Package Substations & 5 x Basement Double Ended Package Substations, giving a total 44 mva available site Power; Form 4 Type 6 Rear Access Type

  • Emergency Lighting composite Control Panels

  • Essential Lighting & Power Composite panels, Staged by BMS Control

  • Secondary Data Centre PDU Switchboards

  • Individual Shop Switching/Metering Units, directly coupled to "Lucy" fuse intake arrangements

  • Retail Sub Distribution Switchboards

  • Debenhams/Marks & Spencers/House of Fraser/Cinema/Front end Package Substation

  • Outdoor Stainless Steel "Events Management" Power Composite Panels

  • Busbar Riser Landlord Panelboards with Part L Metering

White City - London.jpg
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