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Case Studies - University of Leeds - Clothworkers South Data Centre


Bespoke Automation in Action. Schneider PLC, 4No. Incomers, 6No. Automated Breaker Control and an intricate display both from descriptive text on the PLC and a clear and simple status recognition system. 3N+1 Redundant System, fully designed and programmed and fully commissioning on Site for University of Leeds and an impressed and full sign off from @Couch Perry & Wilkes LLP and J.A. RICHARDSON (ELECTRICAL) LIMITED

Client:                     J A Richardson (Electrical) Limited

Consultant:            Couch Perry & Wilkes

Value:                     £30,000

Description:          Refurbishment of existing switchboards.  Installation of New Switchboards to increase

                               reliability and resilience of supplies.

Manufacture and Install:

Additional switchboards, Replacement Sections and Replacement Changeover Controls.


Technical Specifications

  • 1600A Switchboards

  • Duel Generators - Duel Mains Supplies N+2 redundancy to critical equipment

  • Timed load reinstatement to prevent Generator Overload

  • Auto Changeover of Air Conditioning supplies with dynamic decays for

  • stepped reinstatement

  • Separate Small Power & Lighting with Auto Changeover Switchboard

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