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Temperature Rise

​GR Electrical Services Ltd,

Purpose built Temperature Rise Test Facility in Leeds


  • Official Opening - 2006

  • Location - GR Electrical Services Manufacturing Facility in Leeds

  • Maximum Current =Up to 7000A

  • Reports - PLC Integration, reported over Ethernet

  • Products - Any products up to 7000A


What is Temperature Rise?

Temperature Rise is an aspect of 60439 Type Testing Assemblies or 61439 Verification, this is designed to ensure that temperatures around the switchboard do not exceed the limits, this being all relative to the ambient temperature. This is the temperature rise above the ambient, commonly represented as K 'Kelvin', the true measure of temperature. This is the test of ensuring that the temperatures monitored within the switchboards does not exceed the maximum temperature rise, and therefore do not DERATE the system.

What Switchgear Manufacturers must do?

Modern day systems and the greater implementation of increasingly compact systems and in turn optimisations of components put increasing pressure on switchgear manufacturers to ensure that their temperature rise within their panels is within the maximum allowances, this to ensure the system is a fully rated system and minimise the risk of failure due to exceeding temperatures. 


How does it affect assemblies?

With the pursuit of more compact assemblies, optimisation of component sizes, and conservation of raw materials, the potential for higher temperatures within assemblies by manufacturers oblivious to temperature rise, the probability of failures are increasing. Quality Manufacturers of Switchgear appreciate and manage this complex issue, by testing and extrapolating temperature rise data. GR is one of the very few, who actually have an on site test station to confirm the performance and integrity where required.

  • I2R Losses, require to be dissipated, by either Convection, Radiation or Conduction.

  • Devices Connected to the Bus Bar system also Conduct heat into the Busbar System

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