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As manufacturers of Power Distribution Products, we are very proud to introduce our 50kA for 1 second Panelboard, the DG2000.

All GR Manufactured panelboards are engineered products designed around user applications, utilising a GR-owned modular design, enabling the manufacture of a product, designed, manufactured, and built-in our manufacturing facility in Leeds to suit all site and customer requirements.


Industry Leading Manufactured LV Switchgear to BS EN 61439  


  • Fully Type Test assemblies to BS EN 61439-2:2011

  • Forms of Separation - Forms 3 & 4

  • Forms of Separation - Type 2, 5 & 6

  • Up to 1000A,

  • 8 Way, 12 Way, 18 Way & 24 Way Construction

  • Up to 50KA RMS for 1 Second

  • Ingress Protection to IP31

  • Designed, Manufactured, and Built at GR Electrical

LV Panelboards

 A Manufactured Product to Suit all Compact Panelboard Requirements

Options Features Include

  • All device types, including MCCB's, MCB's & Fuse Switches

  • Thermographic Imaging & Real-Time Monitoring

  • Surge Suppression

  • Power Factor Correction

  • Power Mimic Lines

  • Varying Metering & Protection Relays

  • Fixed only

  • Rotary Handle / Toggle Handles

  • Any BS or RAL Colour

Manufacturing Facility.jpg

 A Manufactured Product to Suit all Front Access Requirements

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