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Rotary Handles vs Toggle Handles

Switching, Interlocking & Isolation

Sounds simple but this is literally the name of the game.

However important it's commonly overlooked because it forms no part BS EN 61439:2011. Switching is obviously the name of the game and this is an item we at GR Electrical notice come up over and over again, particularly when the price is involved....

What Switchgear Manufacturers must do?

Modern day systems and the greater implementation of increasingly compact systems and in turn optimisations of components put increasing pressure on switchgear manufacturers to ensure that their temperature rise within their panels is within the maximum allowances, this to ensure the system is a fully rated system and minimise the risk of failure due to exceeding temperatures. 


Switching, Interlocking & Isolation

This is commonly only relevant to Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB's), enabling two manual applications, toggle or rotary. 

As can be seen the benefits of Rotary over Toggle:

  • Door Interlocking

  • Compartment Isolation before entry

  • Switching of breaker behind a closed door

  • Visual status indication without opening a door

It's not saying it's need for every application, just a vital consideration of switchgear upon application

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