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Front Access


The extensible cubicle constructed switchboard is an all welded 2mm sheet metal framework designed and manufactured by GR Electrical Services for strength and robustness. The completely modular internal assembly is designed to allow for increased flexibility and is also manufactured from 2mm thick steel.

All cubicle compartments are accessed via hinged lockable doors, which are also manufactured from 2mm thick sheet steel complete with double returned edges and neoprene gaskets. All MCCB and fuse switch compartments will also have door interlocked rotary handles, which are lockable in the Off position. All busbar chambers and cableways are accessed via bolt-on covers.

Busbars are completely segregated via 2mm thick sheet metal partitions.

Cable entry either top or bottom as required is achieved via removable un-drilled gland plates.

For larger cross sectional area cable entry can be made directly onto the device via a cable access compartment located directly above or below the device compartment (depending on cable entry).

To allow for ease of cable termination in areas with low ceiling heights the switchboard standard height (2150mm) can be adapted to allow reduced height.

To allow for ease of installation in restricted areas the switchboard framework can be split down into sections with a minimum width 750mm.

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